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Hey there, visionary! Ready to transform your passion for mental health into a thriving private practice? You’re in the perfect place. At Coaching The Elite, we’re all about empowering mental health providers like you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to not just start, but soar.

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🚀 Build and Scale Your Practice: From initial setup to scaling dreams, we offer the blueprint for success in private practice. Get credentialed, paid, and prepared for everything in between.

📚 Empowering Education & 🛠 Transformative Training: Dive into resources and training sessions that transform knowledge into action. Elevate your skills, confidence, and practice with expert insights.

💼 Unwavering Support: You’re not alone—gain personalized support and join a community of professionals dedicated to making your practice sensational.

🌈 Simplified Success Path: From credentialing to optimizing income, we guide every step with clear, actionable strategies. Practice your passion on your own terms and thrive

Your Coach

Hey there, I’m Arisza! 👋  That is pronounced: Ah-Rise-Zuh

Welcome to my world, where turning dreams into reality isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s what I  live for.   As a seasoned professional straddling the vibrant worlds of mental health and business, I’ve dedicated over a decade to guiding bright minds toward personal and financial freedom. 🚀

Licensed in Virginia and Texas, and certified in financial social work, my journey has led me through directorial roles, managing dreams and dollars alike.  But here’s where it gets exciting—I’m not just about the numbers.   As a clinician, clinical supervisor, and your personal coach, I’m here to help you navigate the complex landscape of mental health, leadership, and entrepreneurship. 🌟

So, whether you’re a fresh-faced entrepreneur or a seasoned leader in the mental health field, my mission is to empower you to achieve financial freedom and live out your dreams. 

Let’s embark on this exhilarating adventure together. With the right blend of mental health insight and financial savvy, who knows how far we’ll go? After all, when passion meets expertise, the sky’s the limit. 💼🎈

Together, I guarantee we can transform your aspirations into tangible successes. Welcome aboard—it’s time to turn your dreams into your daily reality!

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Kevin Bosin


Arisza was instrumental in helping me gain the knowledge and confidence to be able to take that leap into owning and operating my own private practice.  Arisza is very knowledgeable in this arena, drawing from numerous roles and experiences within her own professional career. Her knowledge was prevalent throughout the process of working with me on my path to independence. Arisza’s approach is warm, understanding, and approachable. These traits were integral for allowing me to ask her questions and gain an understanding of the steps I needed to take. With Arisza’s guidance, my vision of being the proprietor of my own practice became a reality.

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