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BEYOND THE COUCH: Think and Grow Rich for Therapists

The Guide for Clinical Supervision: LCSW Supervisee Manual” by Arisza Hillman offers a comprehensive roadmap for aspiring LCSWs, focusing on the essential aspects of clinical supervision. It navigates through the LCSW exam overview, test-taking strategies, core theoretical frameworks, and evidence-based therapeutic techniques. This guide aims to prepare supervisees not only for successful licensure but also for effective and ethical clinical practice. Through quizzes, mnemonics, and affirmations, it fosters a deeper understanding of social work ethics, diversity, and the importance of self-care, making it an invaluable tool for those embarking on their journey in social work. 

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The Guide for Clinical Supervision: LCSW Supervisor Manual

LCSW Supervisor Manual by Arisza Hillman offers an indispensable resource for clinical supervisors at all levels. Within its pages, readers will find comprehensive insights on effective supervision practices, including rate setting, structuring sessions, and test preparation strategies. Moreover, it equips supervisors with tools for teaching, managing ethical considerations, and preventing burnout, making it an essential manual for those looking to establish or enhance their supervision practice in the mental health field.

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The Balanced Mind: A Self-Care and Burnout Prevention Guide for Mental Health Professionals

  “The Balanced Mind” serves as a comprehensive resource designed to assist mental health professionals in navigating the pressures of their demanding careers. This guide emphasizes the importance of self-assessment for recognizing burnout, introduces effective mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and provides strategies for achieving work-life balance. Additionally, it offers reflective prompts for personal growth and outlines a structured approach for developing a personalized self-care plan. Through practical exercises and insightful advice, this manual aims to enhance the well-being of mental health practitioners, enabling them to sustain their capacity to care for others effectively.

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