What is Supervision?

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision in mental health refers to a structured process where a more experienced mental health professional (the supervisor) provides guidance, support, and oversight to a less experienced professional (the supervisee). This process aims to develop the supervisee’s clinical skills, ensure ethical and effective client care, and support professional growth. It often involves case discussions, review of therapy techniques, and feedback on client sessions.

What are the required steps to become a clinical supervisor as a licensed professional?


You must hold a current, unrestricted license in your mental health field (such as LCSW, LPC, LMFT, or clinical psychologist).

Continuing Education

Some states or professional boards require ongoing education in clinical supervision as part of the licensure renewal process.

State or Board Certification

Some states or professional boards offer a specific certification or credential for clinical supervisors, which may require an application and adherence to specific standards.


Several years of post-licensure clinical experience is usually required. The specific duration varies by state and profession.

Knowledge of Ethical and Legal Standards

Understanding the ethical and legal aspects of clinical practice and supervision is crucial.

Training in Supervision

Effective communication, leadership, ethical decision-making, and the ability to mentor and teach are key skills for a clinical supervisor.

Professional Liability Insurance

Having appropriate insurance coverage that includes supervisory activities is advisable.

Training in Supervision

Completion of a formal training program in clinical supervision is often required. These programs cover supervision theories, techniques, ethical issues, and cultural competence.​

Why choose Elite Coaching and Consulting to help with starting, developing and scaling your supervision practice?

Choosing Elite Coaching and Consulting for assistance in starting, developing, and scaling a supervision practice can be beneficial for several reasons:

Elite Coaching likely has professionals with extensive experience in clinical supervision. This expertise can provide valuable insights into effective supervision strategies, ethical considerations, and best practices.

They may offer personalized coaching tailored to your specific needs and goals, whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your practice.

Beyond clinical skills, they might also focus on essential business aspects like marketing, client acquisition, and financial management, crucial for scaling a practice.

Working with such a firm could offer networking opportunities, connecting you with a broader community of mental health professionals.

They might provide resources for ongoing learning and development, which is vital in the ever-evolving field of mental health.

Having a reliable support system can be crucial, especially when dealing with the complexities and challenges of clinical supervision.

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